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Welcome to Gafaz Sunglasses!

Gafaz:// PLURAL NOUN a. glasses b. spectacles c. shades

Bring a modern and exotic twist to your daily lifestyle with Gafaz Sunglasses. Established in 2016, in Los Angeles, California USA, Gafaz brings you a unique twist of fashion and protection. We strive to bring you the most trendy, high quality sunglasses, at the most reasonable prices.  Enjoy our handcrafted bamboo legs made just for you. With our assortment of lenses and options between our Maui's and Classic frames you may have to get more then one pair.  Tinted in its respective color with a darker filter for better UV protection, the lens is not only durable but also very stylish. 

Pay it Forward with Gafaz!

For every Gafaz Sunglasses you purchase, you'll be helping to restore the vision of a child or adult in a third world country through the 20x20x20 Organization. Give the gift of sight and experience the joy of watching a child or adult who was blind open their eyes and see for the first time!

Gafaz are Eco-friendly Sunglasses

Instead of plastic or rubber legs, Gafaz Sunglasses and cases uses only the best quality bamboo. We use top quality products that nature has provided for us. Gafaz Sunglasses are not only Eco-friendly but extremely durable and appealing to all.

Gafaz are Built to Last

Each pair of Gafaz Sunglasses are carefully hand crafted with the highest quality bamboo for perfect durability. Scientifically designed to the curvature of the human ear, Gafaz Sunglasses provide perfect comfort. All hinges are individually mounted to the legs by hand with stainless steel. Our quality of craftsmanship provides long lasting assurance you can feel.

Gafaz Sunglasses 11 Layer Process

The lenses on Gafaz Sunglasses are designed according to the principle of Polarization of Light, which effectively prevents the ultraviolet ray to make the surrounding scenery look soft and evenly exposed.